1. Skilled Nursing Care and Home Care in Atlanta, DeKalb County, Marietta GA and Nearby Cities

    Do you have someone at home who is suffering from a severe disorder? Or do you have a senior loved one who needs constant medical attention at home? Then, you need to opt for nursing services at home. There are several companies which send efficient and compassionate nurses to homes in order to provide ailing patients with the medical attention they need. We, at Assured & Associates Personal C…Read More

  2. Home Care and Home Health Agency in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Marietta GA and Surrounding Areas

    Do you have a senior citizen at home who cannot function on their own? Or is one of your family members suffering from a chronic disorder or has become a victim to a severe accident leading to bad injuries? In such scenarios, you will need to give them a proper medical attention at all times. But staying in the hospital can not just be expensive but it will also be a little frustrating and depress…Read More

  3. Physical Therapy in Alpharetta, Atlanta, DeKalb County, Douglasville and Nearby Cities

    Injuries and accidents are uncalled for but still quite common when it comes to life. You need to go for immediate care if you are suffering from such injuries. However, not all injuries can be easily cured with medicine or medical procedures. Sometimes, people who suffer from severe injuries in their brain or spinal cord might get badly hurt in their muscles for which only some kind of a therapy …Read More

  4. Handicap Accessible Apartments in Atlanta, DeKalb County, Marietta CA and Surrounding Areas

    Are you someone who has endured a severe injury in an accident? Or do you know someone who has become physically impaired owing to a tragedy? Well, life is unpredictable and these kinds of unfortunate incidents are something that we have to live with. But that does not mean you will give up on life and lose all hope for a better living. While your family members and loved ones are always by your s…Read More

  5. Home Care and Home Health Agency in DeKalb County, Douglasville, Marietta GA and Nearby Cities

    Many individuals face difficulty in their daily chores, be it for any illness or for aging. Statistics, these days, show that most of the elderly people want to stay home for as long as possible despite their health conditions. This is where our company, Assured & Associates Personal, have stepped up to the challenge of providing more opportunities for care and assistance at home than ever bef…Read More

  6. Catastrophic Injury Care in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Douglasville, Marietta GA and Surrounding Areas

    Thousands of people face catastrophic injuries each day that either cause permanent disability or long term damage. Motor vehicle accidents, construction site falls, sporting accidents, etc. are few of the common causes of such injuries. But no matter what the cause is, appropriate catastrophic injury care is very important. We, at Assured & Associates Personal Care, understand the various cha…Read More

  7. Spinal Cord Care in Atlanta, Marietta GA, Douglasville, and all the Surrounding Areas

    Assured & Associates Personal Care of Georgia can help take care of people with spinal cord injuries. They are a home health care agency providing skill nursing care and in-home care throughout Douglasville, Alpharetta, Marietta, Atlanta and Dekalb. If a person with spinal cord injury needs skilled care in Douglasville, Alpharetta, Marietta, Atlanta and Dekalb, they can help.    The b…Read More

  8. Brian Injury Care in Atlanta, Marietta GA, Douglasville, and all the Surrounding Areas

    Assured & Associates Personal Care of Georgia can help people who have suffered brain injury and need in home health care in Douglasville, Alpharetta, Marietta, Atlanta or Dekalb. They are a home health care agency and they help look after the elderly, the disabled as well chronically ill patients.  They employ qualified and registered nurses who can provide skilled care for people with b…Read More

  9. Questions to Ask a Home Care Service

    Trying to find the right home health care provider can be exhausting, frustrating, and overwhelming. Not only is the situation itself difficult, but having a loved one who needs consistent care is emotionally challenging. There are probably dozens of questions that are running through your mind. But when the time comes to hire an agency or a specific person who can provide care, it’s not uncommo…Read More

  10. How to Choose a Home Health Care Service

    When a loved one has reached a point in their life when they need home health care, or if they were in an accident and need help during the recovery process, it can be an overwhelming and emotional journey. That’s why choosing the best in-home care is paramount in ensuring that everything goes as smoothly as possible and your loved one has the highest quality of life possible. When choosing seni…Read More