Home Health Care, In-Home Nursing, Alzheimer’s Care, Dementia Care DeKalb County, GA

Assured and Associates is the preferred home health agency for DeKalb County. Offering a wide variety of home health services in the county including in-home nursing, Alzheimer’s care, dementia care, and other home health services, they also provide non-emergency transportation and other services. When you or a loved one need home health care, give Assured and Associates a call.

Home Health Services in DeKalb County

Home Health Agency in DeKalb County offers CNA and Caretakers to care for elderly. Home health services offered by Assured and Associates encompass a large array of options. Patients may only need some temporary care with wound management, and care, disease and pain management, or other services. Some patients may need more specialized nursing care for things such as in-home catheter care, burn wound care, post-surgical recovery, or other care.

No matter the issue, chances are that home health services are available to you in DeKalb county. All it takes is a call to Assured and Associates to learn what they can provide for you and your loved ones. Home health care is the much-preferred option for families because their loved one is in an environment that they feel most comfortable with, making home health services more effective.

Dementia Care, and Alzheimer’s Care in DeKalb County

Alzheimer’s Care in DeKalb County GAAs your loved ones age, sometimes it becomes evident that they are suffering from dementia. No matter the case, Assured and Associates offer dementia care and Alzheimer’s care as part of their offerings. Early on, it may be possible for the family to render the help required, but as time goes on, having these home health services makes a huge difference, both for the dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, as well as their families.

Home Health Agency in DeKalb County, Georgia

Whether you are in need of specialized nursing services, and even in-home assistance with medications, dressing, and meal preparations, Assured and Associates offers the most services of any home health agency in DeKalb county. When you need in-home nursing or home health care, give Assured and Associates a call to learn more.

DeKalb County, formed in 1822 from Henry, Gwinnett, and Fayette counties, took its name from Baron Johann de Kalb (1721-1780), a Bavarian-born former officer in the French Army, who fought for the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War. The county boasts several great visitor attractions, including Stone Mountain Park, Fernbank Science Center, and Callanwolde Fine Arts Center. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is also headquartered in DeKalb County.

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