In-Home Nursing, Live-In Services Available Upon Request

In order to provide superior home health care, our skilled nurses can help with a variety of tasks in the comfort of your loved one’s home. Above all, we want our patients to feel comfortable, safe, and cared for. We are passionate about everything we do, from helping prepare meals to making sure doors are locked at night, and more. See below what specific services we offer and contact us today if you have any questions.

Bed & Breakfast — (3 hours)

» Assist clients with waking up, getting out of bed,
bathing, and dressing.
» Prepare and serve breakfast.
» Clean kitchen, make up the bed, assist with any medication.

Peace of Mind — (3 hours)

» Prepare client for bed.
» Bathe and dress client.
» Assist with medication.
» Make sure the patient is equipped with snacks, water, medication,
and phone near the bedside.
» Set alarm clock.
» Lock doors, activate security system for the client.

Stay With Me— (10 hours)

» Assist clients getting out of bed, bathing, and dressing.
» Prepare breakfast, lunch & dinner.
» Clean kitchen, bathroom, & bedroom, and living room.
» Assist with preparing the client for bed.
» Assist with medication.
» Provide companionship throughout the day.

Errands & More— (6 hours)

» Drive client to appointments, shopping, entertainment
and more.
» Accompany client while out of the home.

Breath of Fresh Air— (8 hours)

» Assist clients & provide care during the evening.
» Assist with dinner, bathing, and bedtime
» routines, while spouse, guardian, or family.
members are away.

Prepare & Serve —  (8 hours)

» Prepare and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
» Caregivers will make three separate trips, cook and prepare
all meals.
» Clean kitchen after meal preparation.
» Assist with medication.