Home Care in Alpharetta, GA

We are passionate about the care of our clients and believe everyone deserves to lead a high-quality life. Our team in Alpharetta offers patients physical therapy and occupational therapy. As part of our occupational therapy services, one of the programs we teach is energy conservation.

Occupational Therapy

Fatigue is a condition that is common and can be managed if you know the right techniques. If you practice energy conservation, it can help you accomplish more throughout your day. A few of the energy conservation techniques include:

  • Planning: plan your day so you are not rushed and stressed. Be realistic of the items you can accomplish, and try not to do too much.
  • Rest: plan to take short breaks to rest. Do not wait until you are tired to take a break. Rest after eating.
    Eliminate unnecessary motion: limit the number of times you squat, bend or twist to pick up or reach for something.

Home Care

We are proud of the home care options we provide. We have an array of options for you to choose from, based on your situation and individual needs. One of the home care choices we offer in Alpharetta is the “Peace of Mind” option. Our nurses will help you take care of all the evening rituals, such as preparing you for bed. The nurse will bathe and dress you for bedtime and make sure you have all the medications needed. The nurse ensures all of your comfort and safety needs have been met. We want your bedside to be comfortable, with your water, snacks and medications within reach. We will make sure you are all set for the morning, by setting the alarm clock. We will also set your home security system and confirm that all of the doors are locked and secure. With our home care, you will have peace of mind that you are set for the night and can rest easy.

Physical Therapy in Alpharetta

Alpharetta is a suburb located north of Atlanta and about 26 miles from downtown Atlanta. There are many corporations that have offices in Alpharetta. There are a couple of arboretums and a historic district with several landmark buildings to tour. Alpharetta also has many large parks to enjoy. Some parks have springs, streams, lakes and rivers to explore.

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