1. Home Health Agency in DeKalb County, Marietta GA, Alpharetta, and all the Surrounding Areas

    Life can be unpredictable at times, especially if you are a senior citizen. Your health tends to be a constant disappointment; it needs continuous supervision. This is where you might need the services of a home health agency. Assured and Associates Personal Care will be the right choice for you. We strive to provide you the best home care, to meet and surpass the comprehensive needs of our pat…Read More

  2. Physical Therapy in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Douglasville, Marietta GA, and Nearby Cities

    Do your loved ones suffer from severe back pain or knee pain? Have they recently suffered from a sprain? Or did they meet with an accident causing severe muscle injuries? All these issues could be resolved easily with physical therapy treatments. It is a certified form of treatment that is being used by several doctors and it has proven to be successful in many cases. There are various places from…Read More

  3. Home Care in Alpharetta, Atlanta, DeKalb County, Douglasville, Marietta GA, and Surrounding Areas

    Do you have senior family members whom you love a lot but hardly have time for? It is natural to not be able to give so much time to your elder family members given your tight schedule at work and demanding lifestyle. But it cannot be denied that your loved ones need you more with age. Along with health issues, emergencies, and difficulty in daily tasks, they also feel lonely. The right thing to d…Read More

  4. Occupational Therapy in Douglasville, Marietta GA, Atlanta, and all the Surrounding Areas

    Do you feel that your loved ones are lonely at home? Do you think that your old senior members of the family are depressed and suffering from anxiety because of basic loneliness? Now it is not possible for you to leave work and sit at home to accompany them all the time. But you cannot continue to make them suffer.What you can do is make them indulge in something called the occupational therapy. T…Read More

  5. Home Health Agency in Marietta GA, Alpharetta, Atlanta, and all the Surrounding Areas

    Life can sometimes be too harsh and leave us quite helpless. One of the major things that cause this kind of a disappointment is health. Since it is quite unpredictable, you cannot understand or prepare about what sort of issues you are going to face next. And sometimes, the treatment is better handled at home than a hospital. This is especially true in the case of senior citizens. If you are loo…Read More

  6. Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy in Atlanta, Douglasville, Marietta GA and Nearby Cities

    If you are suffering from severe injuries due to an accident, you must be looking for faster remedies to the pain. Sometimes, even after going to the reputed medical centers or getting treated by the most expert physicians, you might not see any result. If your pain or injury is in the muscles or the joints, then you can always give a physical therapy a try. It is a proven method that shows not ju…Read More

  7. Home Care and Home Health Agency in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Marietta GA and Surrounding Areas

    Did you or someone in your family have recently met with an accident? Sometimes, accidents can be deadly. It can cause severe injuries and leave people completely bedridden. However, it does not always help to provide the required care at the hospital or medical care center. Sometimes, one can recover faster if the requisite treatment and care is provided at home. A familiar surrounding can go a l…Read More

  8. Occupational Therapy in DeKalb County, Douglasville, Alpharetta, and all the Surrounding Areas

    Recuperating from an illness or accident is a challenging affair and when such misfortune strikes the aged, it becomes painful and exhausting. However, with recent advancements and research in therapy, many patients have benefitted from occupational therapy. It assists people in slowly learning and adapting to the daily chores in their lives. It additionally improves health and aging-relate…Read More

  9. Home Health Agency in Marietta GA, DeKalb County, Alpharetta, and all the Surrounding Areas

    As your loved ones grow older, they might find it difficult to accomplish certain tasks. Inorder to fulfill the same, they can greatly benefit from caregivers whose assistance can make their daily life more comfortable and convenient. Admittedly, while growing old, being able to stay in a familiar environment can significantly boost their confidence and hence, this is where the services of a home…Read More

  10. Skilled Nursing Care and Home Care in Atlanta, DeKalb County, Marietta GA and Nearby Cities

    Do you have someone at home who is suffering from a severe disorder? Or do you have a senior loved one who needs constant medical attention at home? Then, you need to opt for nursing services at home. There are several companies which send efficient and compassionate nurses to homes in order to provide ailing patients with the medical attention they need. We, at Assured & Associates Personal C…Read More