Home Health Care, Medical Transportation, Nursing Care Services, and Skilled Nursing Care in Altamonte Springs, FL

Home Health Services in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Marietta, DeKalb County and Nearby CitiesCaring for loved ones or even yourself can look like many different things, but any time that you are able to do it while having them in their home in Altamonte Springs, FL is an ideal situation. That’s why it is important to speak with our team at Assured and Associates Personal Care of Georgia about options such as home health care and skilled nursing care. Home health care provides the opportunity to have skilled people provide the assistance needed while remaining in the home setting. Skilled nursing care services are also available for more specialized treatments that can include medication supervision, post-surgical care, and a wide range of other services. Speak with our team today to learn more about all of these options that allow your family members to remain in their home.

Catastrophic Injury Care and TBI Treatment in Altamonte Springs

Whether from a vehicle accident, a work-related accident, or other incident, a catastrophic injury changes not only that person’s life but the lives of those around them. Catastrophic injury care is vitally important as it affects many areas of the body including the central nervous system, urinary system, respiratory system, and others. We have a network of skilled nursing care professionals that provide this needed catastrophic injury care, and we offer medical transportation as well for medical appointments.

Traumatic brain injuries can happen at nearly any age, but it is more common in those older than 65 years of age. This is due to a loss of balance where they fall and hit their head, but there are other causes as well. Having the right nursing care services to help with TBI treatment is important so that issues don’t compound, and recovery can happen.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care for Elders in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Alzheimer's Care Worker with Elderly Woman in Altamonte Springs, FloridaCaring for elderly family members can be a challenge in Altamonte Springs, Florida, but this only increases when they need dementia care or Alzheimer’s care. Elder care can include management of medications, providing assistance with personal hygiene, and other services that deal with the cognitive decline that happens with age. Our team from Assured and Associates Personal Care of Georgia can help with companionship and providing individualized care, as well as providing appropriate safety precautions while providing this elder care.

We can help when you have a family member that is in need of specialized care, from home health care to skilled nursing care services and dementia care. Dr. Washington Kilmer of Cincinnati was the first person of European background to settle into the area circa 1870, and he named the area Altamonte. On November 11, 1920, the residents of Altamonte Springs voted 38 to 7 in favor of incorporation. Contact our experienced team today to get the right care in place for your family members.


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