Occupational Therapy in Marietta GA, Alpharetta, Atlanta, and all the Surrounding Areas

Do you think the senior members in your family feel lonely because you are busy at work? Do you have an ailing person at home recovering from an accident? In such cases, you should opt for occupational therapy. With the recent development in the field of therapy, many people have benefitted from it. Assured and Associates is one of the most experienced and dedicated company offering such service for the past decade. We have a team of professionals who are trained to take care of individuals in a variety of circumstances. They know that a strong body is very important as our overall health depends on it. Therefore through this therapy, they help our patients to increase their quality of life. Whether you need our assistance with the activities of daily life like increase in the range of motion, improving communication or improvement in fine-tuning motor skills and energy conservation techniques, our experts will ensure they see developments in your activities. 

Below we have mentioned 2 essential traits an occupational therapist should have. Take a look. 

  1. Outstanding Communication Skills 

Communication is a major part of a therapist’s job. They need to explain the tasks or activities to their patients and they must be able to convert the complex terms into simpler terms. They also need to communicate with other health care professionals to coordinate with them. Hence, they must be articulate, efficient, and confident during such discussions. 


  1. Exceptional Organizational Skills 

An occupational therapist has multiple things to manage; their own schedule, their client’s schedule, appointments, and meetings. They also have to maintain all the records of their patients. Hence, a therapist with good organizational skills will be proficient in keeping a track of the medicines and the treatment plan of their patients. 


So, if you are a resident of Alpharetta, Atlanta, DeKalb County, Douglasville, and Marietta GA, and are looking for an occupational therapist, you can get in touch with us. 

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